Improvement courses

Improvements are offered to qualified technicians aimed at reviewing their techniques and improving their knowledge. It is strongly recommended that professionals take at least 1 improvement per year in order to refine their techniques, increase their knowledge and stand out from the competition.

Unlike other training schools, we understand that development needs vary depending on the student. This is why, at Academy Bel, each improvement is tailor-made to the student. To do this, an assessment of your needs as well as your expectations will be carried out before the start of your development. The number of hours as well as the subjects covered will be validated with you.



The enhancements offered are as follows:

Personalized improvement in resin and powder nail application

Personalized improvement in UV/LED gel nail application

Personalized improvement in acrylic nail application

Personalized improvement in nail decorations and designs

Any other personalized improvement

In order to properly integrate the concepts taught, note that you will need models in order to put the knowledge learned into practice and above all to ensure that you maintain optimal progress.

Duration: Depending on your needs and your level of training. Minimum of 3 hours.


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