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The PremierLash Slim L Pro Plasma Tweezer is custom designed for precision and comfort. All pliers are handcrafted for precision, consistency and maneuverability. The balanced, lightweight design features an extended neck with a precision tapered tip and loose camber to reduce hand fatigue.
A best seller, commonly used for volume, mega-volume lashes and fan placement.

  • 4.7" (12cm)
  • Autoclavable
  • Non-magnetic


  • Japanese stainless steel


Adhesives should not be left on the clamp for long periods of time and should be cleaned after each session. Remove excess adhesive with PremierLash Gel Remover or acetone.

Do not brush tweezers, we recommend only soft cotton cloths. The strong bristles of some brushes can cause slight scratching, making the tweezers more prone to brown spots. Handle them separately from other instruments. Make sure all instrument surfaces are visibly clean and free of stains or debris. Inspect each instrument for proper operation and condition. Check that the tips of the pliers are correctly aligned.

Only use detergents with neutral pH (7). Low pH detergents cause degradation of the protective stainless steel surface and black stains if not rinsed properly. Detergents with high pH cause brown stains to deposit on the surface, which disrupts the operation of the instrument. 70% isopropyl alcohol is also recommended and safe for disinfection.

Stronger chemicals like Barbicide or Acetone can corrode the pliers by removing the protective layer. Likewise, the autoclaving process, if repeated, may also result in a gradual decrease in the corrosion resistance of the tweezers.

After cleaning, rinse the instruments thoroughly under running water. While rinsing, open and close the clamps to ensure the hinge areas are also rinsed.

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