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Training duration: between 17 and 24 hours (Hybrid or in person)


***You now have the opportunity to apply for financing, from 12 to 60 months, with Medicard Finance see below to apply.


***Kit included

Value of the kit - $673

The content of the kit:

Eyelash cleansing foam 50ml (1), Isolation tweezers (1), Curved tweezers (1), Primer (1), Scissor (1), Acrylic eyelash palette (1), Removal gel (1), Fan ( 1), Ellipse C eyelashes 0.15 7mm (1), Ellipse C eyelashes 0.15 9mm (1), Ellipse C eyelashes 0.15 11m (1), Sapphire glue (2 sec), Protective sticky for the adhesive (500), ROSABOND booster, Fiber-free micropore tape, Disposable applicators (50), Hydrogel patches (50), Disposable mascara brushes (50), Practice eyelashes, Mannequin head, Lamp (included only in the hybrid formula), Training manual.

*** Please note that the kit is subject to change without notice

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