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Part of the job of an aesthetic technician is to be informed about recent advancements in different aspects of the field of practice. With my most popular practice request being teaching nails, having multiple techniques under your belt is the best investment for me.

I spent 4 days in Western Canada learning new techniques for nails and nail decoration. I loved! Meeting people full of talents, participating in lessons and learning new fashions and techniques in decoration were the most precious moments of the adventure!
I enjoy the dynamic of mentors who teach these new things and Jojo is no exception. This nail enthusiast shared with the whole group some amazing ways to make nail designs and art. It was a fantastic trip which allowed me to expand my network of knowledge both in terms of knowledge and contacts.
After several years, I continue to be open to all new things and I am as passionate as the first day. From an outside eye you could say that once you get the certificate, you just have to practice but the reality inside is that the learning is never finished. The real beauty is that all nail enthusiasts, whether technicians or not, share their knowledge and everything they have and that's what keeps me so passionate! Everyone is sharing and it’s wonderful to see!
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