Le Parcours de Lyne

Lyne's Journey

I wanted to share with you this article which was published in the journal Les Nouvelles Esthétiques (LNE) winter 2023.

I cite this article to you, not out of pretension but because I want to share my experience with you, in order to tell you to never give up on your passion.

Never, ever would I have thought I would be where I am today when I started my first day of nail training!

Yes, I started like you, by obtaining my diploma in nail application, with the aim of developing my clientele and bringing me a little extra to make ends meet, because I was a single mother of two children.

Over the years, I have built my clientele which has remained the most loyal I must say, people with whom I have shared slices of life, people who have seen my children grow up, clients and friends to whom I am most grateful to have followed me, but even more, to have supported me on my journey.

Several years later, I was approached by a distributor, with whom I had taken my course and from whom I was getting supplies to offer me a position. At that moment I didn't know, but I was going to discover my TRUE vocation, that of teaching my passion. I left my job at the time, in a banking institution, and started this new challenge.

The years flew by, my children having seen me flourish in my job as a trainer, mom kept telling me why don't you start your own academy. This subject came up often.

In the following years, my children had gotten older, one evening my daughter asked me the big question Mom, where do you see yourself in an ideal world in 5 years? Hey boy, you're asking me a good one... I would like to have my company, to train people who have the same passion as me. From then on we made a plan.

A few months later in 2017, the opportunity was presented to me. I took a plunge into the absolute unknown, quit my job as a trainer and started my own business with my daughter Bianca.

We overcame obstacles after obstacles, but we were able to overcome them. I had the opportunity to meet incredible people, who brought me to this point today.

I never would have imagined what destiny had in store for me, when I started my training in nail application, I would never have thought of working for a major distributor as a trainer. I never would have thought of starting a business with my daughter, in no case would I have imagined being so proud of myself in my accomplishments. From afar I would not have imagined being recognized by other people in the industry for these accomplishments.

This is why I am extremely proud to share this article with you, because this is a work of more than 20 years, in which I discovered myself as a person. So I wanted to share this with you, so you know that we never know what life has in store for us. What I can tell you is that if you have a dream, never give up even in difficult times. These are the pitfalls that shape us and we emerge winners.

To all my students, I saw in you your enthusiasm, perseverance, your tenacity, your determination, your dedication, YOUR PASSION ,
Don't give up, believe in yourself and you will achieve your dream!!

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