Combo Course Aesthetic Foot Care and Hand Beauty

This basic training in complete manicure and pedicure gives you an in-depth introduction to the field of nail and foot aesthetics! At the end of the training, you will receive a recognized certification. 

This training is specifically created for those who want to start in the field of hands, nails and feet.

Our Manicure and Pedicure combo training will give you a deep immersion in the basics of skills, knowledge, more through the practices and homework required as well as the ability necessary to start a business in Blooming Manicure and Pedicure. 

Duration of training: 60 hours + practical homework required. 

We adapt our training days according to your availability.

We offer day, evening and weekend availability. 

This training is offered in French, English and Spanish. This training is offered face-to-face. 

The complete kit included in the training gives you all the necessary tools. 

*All our training courses are created according to the accreditation standards of the Association of Professionals in Electrolysis and Aesthetic Care of Quebec (APESEQ).

**note that you will need models during your practical days which will be indicated to you and for your exam. 

Training overview : More specifically, the training begins with a theoretical component in which you will learn everything related to the importance of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. For this part of the teaching, PREempt products from the company CBON alongside VIROX are used. 

Then, a complete section is dedicated to possible infections in order to teach you to distinguish when it is not appropriate to provide a service. You will also learn the anatomy of the hands and feet, the physiognomy of the hands and feet, massages, masks and wraps and many other sections. 

Complete sections covering, among other things, the work space, client preparation (client file), nail diseases, structures, product conservation, marketing, possible causes of allergies, how to remedy them and more, etc. . Are also included in the training.

You will work with the Cuccio and Famous Names Products range exclusive to professionals. These companies are based in the United States and offer complete ranges of quality products for professionals. The different products such as soaking soap, soaking salt, cuticle emollient, exfoliant, cuticle conditioner, butters, nail treatment etc. and the necessary tools will be presented to you throughout the training. At Académie Bel, we believe that it is imperative to know the products you work with to be able to offer the best service to your customers and adequately meet their needs. 

The second part of the training is a practical part. You will learn how to prepare the natural nail and how to give a manicure and pedicure. A bonus in our training courses is learning about gel polish and nail treatments.

Please note that several supervised practices will be required of you through the different aspects of face-to-face training, but we also require practice in the form of homework. During these practices, we ask you to send us a photo of each step of the manicure and pedicure. These assignments will then be corrected and the corrections will be sent to you. Our trainer remains available throughout the training and even once the training is completed to answer all your questions. 

Our training greatly exceeds industry standards in terms of the number of hours, the number of components taught as well as their completeness. Our goal is to raise industry standards and this is why we are extremely demanding during our training. That said, you can be assured that when you complete one of our training courses, you will have all the necessary tools to launch a business and stand out from your competition by offering personalized, professional and quality services. We also offer you a service after your course to give you the support you need.

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